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For the past five years, Transportation for America has worked with advocates, allies and supporters like you to urge Congress to make smarter investments in America's transportation system. Over the last year, we have traveled the country talking to mayors and county executives, major employers, key institutions, civic groups and many others. And next week, we're starting something new.  READ FULL STORY

Making the most of MAP-21

After several years of delay and ten short-term extensions, in the summer of 2012 Congress finally enacted a surface transportation law known as Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), providing federal funding through September 2014. This comprehensive handbook attempts to explain the many changes — positive and negative — and outline how you can help get involved and urge your state to make sure that money reflects the priorities of local communities. Learn more and view all of our MAP-21 resources.

Tracking State Transportation Funding

Since the start of the 2013, major new proposals from governors, state legislatures and blue ribbon commissions galore have sparked a new debate over the ways we collect revenue for transportation at every level. With this resource, we are tracking the current, active and enacted state transportation funding plans all in one place — providing an easy way to compare what states across the country are attempting with their own plans.

Read about the plans

U.S. bridges in disrepair

1 in 9 highway bridges in the U.S. are classified as "structurally deficient," requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement. Is your state doing a good or bad job at maintaining these vital pieces of infrastructure? Where are these bridges located? Our interactive map allows you to map all the deficient bridges within 10 miles of any U.S. address, view a national report and 51 state reports and a full national ranking of state bridge condition.

Thinking Outside the Farebox

The demand for public transit is at its highest point in 50 years, and more communities then ever before are looking for funds to build and operate rail and bus lines. Despite the challenges, many communities are finding creative ways to move ahead. This new free guidebook is designed to help community leaders across the country meet the demand for transit by raising money to build and operate it outside of the traditional federal funding sources.

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Dangerous by Design

The decades-long neglect of pedestrian safety in the design and use of American streets is exacting a heavy toll on our lives. From 2000 to 2009, 47,700 pedestrians were killed, equivalent to a jumbo jet full of passengers crashing roughly every month. Despite the magnitude of these avoidable tragedies, little public attention or resources have been committed to reducing pedestrian deaths and injuries. Search our interactive map of fatalities, view the full rankings of metros and download the report.

Mapping the Transit Funding Crisis

Last August, we highlighted 90 communities facing transit fare hikes and service cuts as a result of a nationwide funding crisis. Our new interactive map contains more than 150 agencies and shows them worse off than last year.

The C-Tran in Clayton County, Georgia, for instance, eliminated service entirely and New Jersey Transit raised some fares by 25 percent. The information on this map was compiled using media reports, existing data and agency releases.

See the map at http://t4america.org/resources/transitfundingcrisis.


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